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A dental bridge is a form of tooth replacement therapy that can replace lost or missing teeth. Leaving the gap of a missing tooth unfilled can make nearby teeth shift and move, or even become a safe haven for plaque buildup. Dental bridges fill in the gap and give you a chance for a full smile once more.

A dental bridge can help you cross a gap in your smile. Here are some of the benefits:

– Dental bridges prevent healthy teeth from moving around due to loose gums caused by missing teeth.
– Dental bridges restore the facial structure of your jaw and face.
– Dental bridges can improve your self-image and raise your self-esteem that may have suffered due to incomplete smiles.
– Dental bridges can improve eating and speaking skills lost or downgraded from missing teeth.
– Dental bridges can prevent healthy teeth from bending and twisting in a manner consistent with tooth loss.
– Dental bridges can potentially last a lifetime, thus improving your smile for many years to come.

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