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Due to the sheer number of mouthwash products on the market today, it is important to educate yourself about the differences they can provide. For additional help, you’re welcome to visit or speak with your dentist about product recommendations and suggestions. Once you are well informed about the numerous types of mouthwash, you are much more likely to make an informed decision about adequate treatment products to select for your oral health care.

If you’re looking for a mouthwash that can improve the look of your smile, seek out a cosmetic mouthwash. Although cosmetic mouthwashes are not designed to improve your health, they can help improve the look of your smile. Cosmetic mouthwashes may include ingredients that can remove stains and discolorations to help whiten your smile. In addition, they can help freshen your breath and conceal foul odors associated with bad breath.

However, cosmetic mouthwashes will not kill the underlying bacteria that cause bad breath. To help improve your oral health, a therapeutic mouthwash will be needed. Therapeutic mouthwashes can improve your health in numerous ways including diminishing oral health risks including plaque buildup, gingivitis, cavities, and gum disease. However, if plaque buildup turns into tartar, it will not be able to be removed without the assistance of a dentist.

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