MTM®, or Minor Tooth Movement treatment, is an innovative orthodontic service designed to help you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you deserve. MTM Clear•Aligner works by using clear trays to move your teeth into a better position. The clear trays are not only discreet, but they are also conducive to your lifestyle. They can be easily removed at mealtimes and when you need to brush and floss your teeth. Traditional braces are uncomfortable and can be hard to clean. MTM braces, however, are much easier to take care of.

Have you been considering straightening your smile? MTM Clear•Aligner braces can help you correct a variety of different orthodontic problems. Some teeth may have too much or too little space between them. Other teeth may tip outwards or inward within your smile or may have rotated one direction. MTM braces can help with all of these conditions. MTM can also correct midline discrepancy, which is when your upper teeth and your lower teeth are not aligned. If you need minor orthodontic correction, please contact the office of Dr. Jorge Pinera to learn whether your smile may benefit from MTM Clear•Aligner braces in Houston, Texas. Our entire team at Sensitive Dental is eager to give you a reason to smile!

mtm clear aligner