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Those particularly hard to reach places in your teeth are difficult enough to reach, but dental sealants may be the answer for you. Dental sealants are another protective measure besides brushing and flossing for the deep crevices of your pre-molar and molar teeth. Sensitive Dental wants you to know the full extent you can go to provide the best care and treatment for you.

Pre-molar and moral surfaces are the dominant teeth covered in plastic coatings, also known as the “chewing” teeth. Food particles tend to get lodged in the deep fissures more than your frontal teeth. The tooth is protected from plaque buildup and deterioration with these sealants.

New sealants can typically last several years or even more, determined on the wear of the old sealant. Your dentist can evaluate and advocate for another varnish, so be sure to visit biannually. Sealants can only be placed once the tooth has erupted from the gum for children usually aging around 11-13 years old. Sealants can also be placed on other permanent teeth if pits and grooves emerge.

The process to install a dental sealant is simple. The tooth is first cleaned in a paste with a spinning brush then washed and dried. For a small amount of time, an acidic component is added to the fissure area to create a microscopic, rough patch for the sealant to connect. After being washed off and dried, a liquid sealant is added and hardened with either a two-component dental sealant or a light. After the sealant is complete, you can back to your usual daily routine of flossing and brushing to fight plaque and decay!

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