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Toothache pain and worsening sensitivity in a single tooth is often an obvious sign of dental distress. It can be particularly alarming if you are also experiencing pain and pressure in the underlying gums.

Many of these cases are linked in some way to an untreated cavity that has spread to allow tooth decay to develop in the pulp, or root of the tooth. In a case like this, you need to seek treatment from a dentist like Dr. Jorge Pinera, as soon as possible.

After diagnosing the specific nature and severity of a toothache, Dr. Jorge Pinera will recommend the best method of treatment. This often calls for him to perform a root canal to excise any infected or compromised material. Then he will rebuild sufficient structure to anchor an eventual dental crown.

In a severe case where the root of the tooth is severely infected or a large dental abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues, Dr. Jorge Pinera might recommend a total extraction. Once your gums have healed and any infection concerns have passed he can help you find the best option for restoring the tooth. This might come in the form of a dental bridge or dental implant.

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