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Welcome to Sensitive Dental in Houston, Texas, the office of Dr. Jorge Pinera and his dedicated dental team. We are happy to offer our patients dental implant restorations to maintain your beautiful smile. If you have a missing tooth (or teeth) you may be a candidate for a dental implant. Implants maintain your natural looking smile with an implant and crown so that one ever needs to be wiser that you aren’t sporting your own pearly whites.

A single-tooth implant begins with a titanium metal screw, or cylinder, which is biocompatible with your body and is placed into your jaw, then attaching a crown to the implant. This replaces both the lost tooth and the root, supporting your jawbone health. Another benefit is that your gums surrounding the implant are also protected.

The implants can last a lifetime, which makes it cost effective over time. Cleaning your dental implant is the same as taking care of your natural teeth. Above all, because implants never decay you will never need to worry about a root canal for that tooth.

While dental implants take more time to implement than other options such as bridges, the natural looking result are well worth the wait. At Sensitive Dental in Houston, Texas, we are happy to work with you to restore and maintain your healthy, beautiful smile. If you are interested in or considering a dental implant, you can reach Dr. Jorge Pinera’s team by calling 281-531-1000 today.