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With modern technology, keeping your smile at its best has never been easier. However, individuals still end up getting in oral health ruts due to the neglect of their teeth and the oral health care. As Halloween comes around, here are a few guidelines concerning your oral health care:

– Cleaning products: Use cleaning products that are safe and effective for your smile, including the ones that are recommended by the ADA. In addition, consult your dentist for product recommendations or suggestions.
– Snacking: Avoid snacking, as it prolongs the rate at which tooth decay can occur. Instead, eat snacks as part of larger meals.
– Rinse after eating: Always be sure to clean your teeth and gums after eating to prevent black buildup.
– Oral health care: For effective oral health care, always keep your teeth cleaned with daily cleaning methods and routine visits to your dentist.
– Candy Disposal: Get rid of any extra candy you have lying around after Halloween is over.
– Low pH levels: Avoid sweets and treats that have low pH levels, as they are extremely acidic.

Also, don’t forget to floss behind your fangs! From Dr. Jorge Pinera and our team at Sensitive Dental, we wish you a happy Halloween! For more ‘ghoulriffic’ tricks and treats, please call us to at 281-531-1000, or stop by our office in Houston, Texas.