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People often receive the last of their adult teeth during their teenage years. Unfortunately, some teeth may not grow in as intended, or there might not be enough space. Furthermore, with wisdom teeth growing in, teens are at a heightened risk for misalignment issues, infections, and tooth decay. With the addition of these new teeth, it is essential to always brush twice daily and floss at least once per day.

Mouth jewelry is a serious risk factor for oral health failure. Not only can mouth jewelry promote excessive bleeding and lead to serious infections such as hepatitis, but many pieces are also made of hard materials capable of easily cracking or chipping teeth. If that wasn’t enough, they are constant dental hazards for breaking off and becoming choking hazards.

Sometimes, groups of teens find dangerous activities and habits preferable to safe situations. The riskier an activity seems to be, the more likely you may be persuaded via peer pressure to attempt it. However, there is nothing cool about permanently risking your physical or oral health just to entertain other people. Peer pressure situations should be circumvented, including smoking or chewing tobacco, experimenting with dangerous drugs, and attempting high-risk, adrenaline-producing stunts. Protect your smile, and your life by staying out of dangerous situations.

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